Thursday, 14 December 2017

Common Admission Test –CAT is one of the most popular entrance exams in India. CAT is the gateway to the top management institutes like IIM’s and others. It also paves the way for a highly successful professional career and a well-settled life. This is the reason the CAT exam is special for every management aspirant in India. But, CAT exams are difficult and very few get the required percentile score and get into top management colleges. This has resulted in the growth of many top CAT coaching institutes in Mumbai as well which help students in their quest for glory.
Let’s closely examine the CAT exam, various sections and the preparation strategy to know ways to crack the CAT exam:-
CAT exam syllabus
CAT exam is one of those exams which test your aptitude and ability in every possible way. The various sections like Quantitative Aptitude measure the mathematical skills and numerical ability. Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning test how you are able to understand the data presented and turn it into something useful. The third section Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension is for analyzing your language ability. This requires very thorough preparation and practice to gain mastery over these topics.
CAT exam myths
There is a common misconception that the CAT exam is very easy for engineering students alone. Though the majority of CAT toppers have an engineering background but anyone can crack the CAT exam with dedication and hard work. The other myth regarding CAT is that the preparation has to start very early. This is absolutely wrong. Time varies as per the capability of a student. It requires everyday consistent effort to reach the top in CAT exams.
Preparation strategy
The tough exam demands practice, discipline and motivation. You should allocate the time for each section of the CAT equally as all the sections are important and carry equal weightage. Do not forget to set a time limit and plan out the strategies beforehand. Give at least 2 – 3 hours daily and double the time on weekends. CAT exam basically involves the concepts and applications. You need to study the formulas and know how to apply them in any situation. Once you are good with the concepts, try learning tricks and shortcuts to reduce the time and increase accuracy. Attend the mock tests regularly on weekends. Analyze the mock exams thoroughly and gauge the strengths and weakness. Make sure that you improve those topics and work on it and take more test papers again to boost your confidence.
Coaching Institutes
It is always a good decision to join coaching institutes for CAT exam preparation. The coaching classes give you many benefits like a disciplined study routine, course roadmaps and successful strategies to follow. As the CAT exam papers are never released, the mock series and test papers pegged at CAT level are really useful. Also, the mentors and tutors are generally CAT toppers who are well experienced in CAT exams. The courses and study material prepared by them helps you gain excellence in the CAT exams. The other advantage of coaching classes are the discussion groups and the motivation sessions which helps you to be at ease while preparing for high-pressure exams like CAT. The healthy competition from the other students at class keeps you awake and pushes you to work harder.
Online Coaching classes
There is a number of coaching institutes providing best online preparation for CAT in Mumbai. The online CAT courses have become a new trend everywhere. Programs like night classes, interactive learning, online mocks and online study material help you prepare at your own convenience and comfort. This boosts the performance immensely.

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